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Eugenia Pantahos

Eugenia is a best-selling author, founder of Business Class Collective, and the creator and host of the Business Class Podcast, a platform for those on the edge of change.

Both creative and strategic, Eugenia brings together her entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, and innovation, focusing on big picture thinking. She is an explorer of possibilities and thrives when her two interests intersect.

Having completed a Master in Business Administration (MBA) in 2014, Eugenia also  produced and published her first book in the same year, realizing the dream of becoming an author. Since then she has authored three books

Throughout her career, Eugenia has had the unique opportunity to work with highly regarded entrepreneurs who helped to ignite her passion in business. She has enjoyed management and leadership roles, positively influencing culture and team building, and sitting on Management and Advisory Boards.

Eugenia is passionate about helping startups, business owners and entrepreneurs to live their best life. She empowers them to be their own change agents, and to create and build the life of their dreams.