How the story of the Gordian Knot can lead to creativity in the workplace and inspire a paradigm shift.

The Gordian Knot was a complicated knot created by Gordius who was a King of Asia Minor. He used this knot to secure his chariot to a pole. There was a prophecy in Ancient Greece that whoever could unravel this extremely complicated knot would one day conquer the world.

Many came, many tried and many failed. According to Greek legend, Alexander the Great, when visiting the city in 333bc took on the challenge. He first looked for each of the hidden ends to unravel the knot, and then unexpectedly and dramatically pulled out his sword and sliced through the knot.

Alexander solved this problem creatively by using a paradigm shift. Today the Gordian Knot is a metaphor for solving complicated problems through bold actions.

We’ve all experienced messy problems and uncertainties that require a different way of thinking in order to solve them. This is where traditional thinking won’t be adequate to deal with complex, chaotic and even wicked problems. Instead a different approach is needed; one that is bold, disruptive, creative, and innovative.

How can you bring creativity into the workplace to solve complicated problems, create infinite opportunities, and be victorious by introducing a paradigm shift?

With love and boldness,

Eugenia xox