On Friday mid-morning I packed my car with an overnight suitcase, some incredibly delicious berries and fruits, and enough ingredients to prepare some nourishing meals. I was heading for my beach house. My home away from home. My sanctuary. My happy place.

This beautiful getaway allows me to unplug, not worry about what time of day it is, and I simple get to be me and allow the days to unfold with ease.

Creating this sense of space and being immersed in nature sparked my creativity. I worked a little more on my latest book, and spent some time mind mapping, before lighting my scented candles, and taking a long and luxurious bath.

I loved the beach walks, morning runs, catching up with my neighbours, meeting up for lunch with friends, sipping Champagne and indulging in homemade scones. Lots of storytelling, laughs and meaningful connections made this retreat memorable. A beautiful way to priorotise my wellness, and to unplug and recharge!