I wrote this post some time ago, in fact late 2019 before the pandemic. Life took a turn and I never got to publish it. But revisiting this post, I now realize just how lucky I was to live the life I wrote about, and in fact still get to enjoy to this day. Here it is, for information, entertainment, and longing all mixed in together…

I consider myself one of the lucky few. Lucky in many ways, but more so in how I get to spend my time working.

Flexibility is something I truly value, as I can bring my best self and best energy levels to tasks on hand.

For over fourteen years I’ve been working from home, long before it became fashionable or desirable, and this has been successful for me because I have a tight/loose structure to my daily life.

What does that mean? Well, I have a routine and schedule that I like to have in any given day, but I also appreciate the ability to break that routine when needed. It means when I’m working I’m working efficiently, effectively, mindfully and in the zone. Importantly, I maintain social contact, catch up with friends, take a walk, stretch, cook, and put the washing on to keep myself moving and energised.

But wait there’s more to this story. I get to work from cafes, airports, planes and trains, from hotel rooms, beautiful cities, and right now I’m in an amazing coffee house in Sydney typing this blog whilst sipping on a perfectly prepared almond milk cafe latte, with cool jazz playing in the background and a young couple at the next table on their first date! What’s not to love about this scenario.

I’ve just taken a business call, emailed my graphic designer and have attended to internet banking. This freedom is something that suits me down to a ‘T’. It’s not for everyone, as discipline is part of what makes it a success. Working independently and from wherever I am in the world is an absolute pleasure.

Flexibility has allowed me to find balance and harmony as I switch from my role as a wife and mother, and to that of a career woman and entrepreneur.

School holidays were fun because of the flexibility. Many times I would be up early to meet my work commitments and ensure that I was free to spend the rest of the day with my children.

Importantly working from wherever means I get to live the life of my dreams, free from the shackles of a 9-5 routine or the lure of the corner office. It allows me to bring my passion and purpose into my work and take a break if I need it. I work differently and I love it!

So, how do I go about this you ask? It’s all about being organised. Here are some tips:-

  1. Use the calendar on your computer or smart phone for appointments, and book in scheduled time for exercise and social events.
  2. Have a diary to write daily thoughts and inspirations into.
  3. Source software to create lists of work priorities and projects if that suits you best, or if you work differently, write your tasks in a list.
  4. Keep an eye on the weather to schedule a walk or to work outdoors and soak up some vitamin D.
  5. Maintain IT security by connecting your laptop to your smart phone using a personal hot-spot. Avoid open wireless connections.
  6. Choose nutritious foods, that will keep you healthy, energised, and alert, and stay hydrated. Your brain will thank you!
  7. Celebrate your life. Be your own champion.

I hope that you enjoy this article, and please feel free to share.

Eugenia xx